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pdf.png Visuelle Diagnose von Mg-bedingten Ernährungsstörungen bei Kulturpflanzen HOT


Bergmann W.

Mag Bull. 7, 25-28, 1985

pdf.png Comportement du Mg et du Ca au cours du post-operatoire en chirurgie du thyroide HOT


Belda Poujoulet R., Capitan Vallvey J. M., Torne Poyatos P. J., Lopez-Cantarero Ballesteros M.

Mag Bull. 4, 150-153, 1982

pdf.png Prophylaxis of magnesium deficiency by high skeletal magnesium content in adult rats HOT


Beier S., Rausenberger B., Classen H. G.

Mag-Bull. 13, 65-68, 1991

pdf.png Die Bestimmung von Magnesium in Gewebeproben mittels AAS HOT


Bayer W., Schmidt H.

Mag Bull. 5, 58-68, 1983

pdf.png The possible role of magnesium deficiency in diabetic nephropathy HOT


Bauer A., Rob P. M.

Mag Bull. 20, 15-17, 1998

pdf.png Effects of magnesium and vitamin E on the development of nephropathy in diabetic rats HOT


Bauer A., Merker H.-J.

Mag Bull. 21, 99-103, 1999

pdf.png Zur Pathophysiologie und Therapie des Magnesiummangels in der Schwangerschaft HOT


Bartl W., Riss P.

Mag-Bull. 6, 60-62, 1984

pdf.png Behavioral and biological effects of oral magnesium, vitamin B6 and combined magnesium - vitamin B6 administration in autistic children HOT


Barthelemy C., Garreau B., Leddet I., Ernouf D., Muh J. P., Lelord G.

Mag Bull. 3, 150-153, 1981

pdf.png Comparative effects of MgCl2 and MgSO4 on monovalent cations transfer across isolated human amnion HOT


Bara M., Guiet-Bara A., Durlach J.

Mag Bull. 6, 36-40, 1984

pdf.png Magnesium effect on the permeability of the amniotic membrane as a whole and of the amniotic epithelial cells HOT


Bara M., Guiet-Bara A.

Mag Bull. 3, 145-150, 1981