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pdf.png Prognostic value of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) - Magnesium in infantile spasms HOT


Dralle D., Debus A., Neuhäuser G.

Mag Bull. 14, 42-45, 1992

pdf.png Reaktivität von Myokard und Koronargefäßen auf schnelle Dehnungsreize nach akutem und chronischem Magnesium-Mangel HOT


Döring H. J.

Mag-Bull. 11, 40-46, 1989

pdf.png Magnesium supplementation for 30 days leads to correlative changes in circulating ionized magnesium and parathormone (iPTH) HOT


Dimai H. P., Porta S., Wirnsberger G., Dobnig H., Leb G., Truschnig-Widers M.

Mag Bull. 16, 113-118, 1994

pdf.png Age dependent decreased intracellular Mg++ concentrations in vascular smooth muscle cells of the abdominal aorta from normotensive (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) HOT


Dietl K. H., Krefting E. R., Westermann G., Barenbrock M., Senninger N., Rahn K. H., Kisters K.

Mag Bull. 20, 92-96, 1998

pdf.png Diuretics and magnesium excretion HOT


Devane J., Ryan M. P.

Mag Bull. 3, 122-125, 1981

pdf.png Serum magnesium, potassium, catecholamines and cortisol after non-fatal myocardial infarction: Possible interrelations and importance of size and site of infarction HOT


de Valk H. W., Hallboom J. R. E., Stryvenberg A., Grobbee D. E., Geerdink R. A.

Mag-Bull. 12, 98-99, 1990

pdf.png Hypomagnesiämien und suboptimale Plasmamagnesiumkonzentration bei Diabetes mellitus: Häufigkeiten und Konsequenzen HOT


de Lenardis M., Schindler R., Classen H. G.

Mag-Bull. 22, 53-59, 2000

pdf.png Magnesium supplementation and blood pressure in borderline hypertensive subjects - A double blind study HOT


Daly N. M., Allen K. G. D., Harris M.

Mag-Bull. 12, 149-154, 1990

pdf.png Magnesium levels and dynamometric parameters in relation with postoperative fatigue HOT


Cordova Martinez A., Navas Camara F. J., Escanero Marcen J. F.

Mag Bull. 14, 98-101, 1992

pdf.png Relation between postoperative fatigue and serum calcium HOT


Cordova A., Perez-Gallardo L., Navas F. J.

Mag Bull. 17, 32-35, 1995