• Annual Symposium of the Society for Magnesium Research e.V.

The next Symposium will be held on 5.-7th September 2019 at the Theresianische Militärakademie in Wiener Neustadt (Austria) and is organised together with Austrian Society for Magnesium and Electrolyte Research (OEMEG). Please observe the timelines and dates given in the official invitation. Herein you will also find all relevant contact details. For registration, please refer to the registration form provided at www.oemeg.at/downloads. You are welcome to visit the website www.oemeg.at for further information.

For information on the past conference from 13.-15th September 2018 in Warsaw (Poland), please refer to the conference website: http://www.ptmag.pl/about-conference.


  • Symposium of the International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (SDRM)

    The XV International Magnesium Symposium "Magnesium in Health and Disease" will be held at the National Institutes of Health Campus on 20.-22th March 2019 in Bethesda, USA. Please visit the website  magnesiumsymposium2019.com for further information.


  • Satellite Symposium of the Society for Magnesium Research e.V.

    The satellite Symposium of the Society for Magnesium Research e.V. was held at the 42th Scientific congress of the German Hypertension Society from 22.-24th November 2018 in Berlin. Please vitist the website: http://www.hypertonie-kongress.de/ for further information.