Rattanatayarom W1, Wongjitrat N2

1 Dpt of Pharmacology
2 Dpt of Pediatrics – Endocrinology Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand

Over- and inadequate nutrition together with low physical activity cause worldwide overweight and obesity already in children representing risk factors for the development of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2. Since Mg depletion increases this risk, the following study was performed on 26 obese children (aged 7 -14 years,12 males and 14 females, mean BMI 33 kg/m 2) before and after an oral glucose tolerance test (1.75 g/kg BW).

In comparison to 26 lean controls, the obese children presented with all criteria of metabolic syndrome, namely hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, HOMA-IR score of 5, hypertriglyceridemia and hypertension. Muscle cramps were reported in 8% and cardiac events in 12%.  Serum-Mg was decreased by 10% and suboptimal concentrations (<0.80 mmol/ MgL) were found in 4%, this in accordance with the literature. There was a highly significant negative correlation between serum-Mg and insulin (N=52; r= -0.577; p< 0.000). It is concluded that Mg depletion is another risk factor for childhood obesity which needs correction by adequate compensation.