Moser M, Slanic R, Gell H, Pichlkastner K, Porta S,

Theresian Military Academy, Wiener Neustadt, Österreich

Material and Methods: Out of capillary blood of 23 officer trainees ion. Mg, pH pCO2 and base excess have
been determined, by a Phox – M device: 1. Thursday, in a “calm” situation, Friday after waiting for the jump in
vain, Saturday after the jump.

Results: During the anticipation situations (Thu., Fri., mental load) a negative correlation of pH/pCO2 of
increasing steepness (Thu., Fri.), evolved. Increasing mental load increases pH. Mg group averages however did
not show significantly different values between the sampling days, but at sampling 1 and 2 a significant
correlation between ion. Mg and metabolic load (BE) was evident.

Discussion and summary: Changes in ion. Mg obviously are not only markers of the intensity of physical
workload but also of mental strain.
Already in 2015 we did show, that ameliorated Mg state lessens Mg changes due to effort as well as effort
itself. The soothing effect of Mg, even in case of mental strain therefore seems to be both effective and dose