Kisters K1,3, Gremmler B1, Schmidt J2, Gröber U3, Tokmak F4

1 St. Anna-Hospital, Herne
2 Pharmakologie und Toxikologie Uni Dresden, Dresden
3 Akademie für Mikronährstoffmedizin, Essen
4 MVZ Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Gelsenkirchen

According to the results of the MACH study additional magnesium orotate therapy has shown a positive effect
on life expectancy and quality of life in patients with severe forms of heart insufficiency. Both magnesium or
orotate can be cardioprotective. In the presented data here additional magnesium orotate therapy was tested
in 11 patients with hypertensive heart disease NYHA III-IV as compared to 10 patients with hypertensive heart
disease NYHA II-IV as controls. Additional magnesium orotate therapy was 4500 mg magnesium orotate daily
for 1 week. NTproBNP levels decreased significantly in the magnesium orotate group versus controls ( p< 0.01 ).
Under therapy quality of life improved significantly as well. Kidney function remained stable in the normal
In conclusion an additional therapy with magnesium orotate is safe and can be of additional benefit in
hypertensive heart disease with insufficiency.