Feyerabend F, Geesthacht

The successful CE-certification of two magnesium-based implants gives rise for the hope of better clinical
acceptance of degradable metals. Also, recently it was shown, that magnesium-based materials exhibit an
osteoinduktive effect in vivo [1]. Despite these successes highly interdisciplinary discussions are still ongoing
between clinicians, research and industry, mainly dealing with applicative aspects. This includes for example
the right choice of alloying elements, the definition of property profiles for distinct applications and the
reproducible production of implant prototypes. To reach a successful clinical translation also other important
areas like sterilization and packaging, as well as intraoperative handling of implants have to be taken into
account, which is neglected by many researchers.

Aim of the talk is to give an overview about some aspects of prototype development, as well as the
presentation of current research topics regarding the development of in vitro system for a better precharacterization
of candidate materials.

  1. Zhang, Y., et al., Implant-derived magnesium induces local neuronal production of CGRP to improve
    bone-fracture healing in rats. Nat Med, 2016. advance online publication.