Büntzel J1, Micke O2, Kisters K2,, Hunger R2

1 HNO-Klinik am Südharz-Klinikum Nordhausen
2 Gesellschaft für Magnesium-Forschung e.V.

Objective: We have reported about increased serum MG level as a risk factor for sudden hearing loss. Could the
CA/MG ratio help us to understand this phenomenon?
Material and methods:: Between November 2015 and March 2016 we have treater 29 patients (15 female, 14
male) with sudden hearing loss at the ENT clinic Nordhausen. We measured the serum MG and serum CA
before therapy and calculated the CA/MG ratio. This value was correlated to loss of hearing per frequency as
well as total hearing loss (Röser 1973).
Results: Group 1 (CA/MG ≤2.5) were 6 patients (69.1±13.1 years), group 2 (CA/MG >2.5 to ≤3.0) were 12
patients (64.2±14.2 years), and group 3 (CA/MG ≥3.0) were 13 patients (57.5±9.0 years). We have registered
the following hearing loss:

Conclusions: The CA/MG has no correlation to the grade of hearing loss. Higher MG levels remain a risk factor
itself for the development of sudden hearing loss.