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pdf.png Functional hypoparathyroidism in hepatic cirrhosis. Beliebt


Cohen L., Kitzes R., Laor A.

Mag-Bull. 10, 27-30, 1988

pdf.png Characterization of the magnesium status of elderly people with congestive heart failure, hypertension and diabetes mellitus by the magnesium-load test. Beliebt


Cohen L., Kitzes R.

Mag Bull. 15, 105-107, 1993

pdf.png Characterization of the Mg status of elderly people by the Mg-tolerance test. Beliebt


Cohen L., Kitzes R.

Mag-Bull. 14, 133-134, 1992

pdf.png Magensium and hypertension. Beliebt


Cohen L.

Mag Bull. 8, 93-94, 1986

pdf.png Magnesium-deficient rats prefer magnesium-containing to pure water, but not to sweet tasting solutions. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Schimatschek H. F., Baier S.

Mag-Bull. 20, 5-7, 1998

pdf.png Increased contractile activity of the isolated esophagus and tissue of the gastrointestinal tract of rats at decreased extracellular magnesium concentration. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Scherb H., Scherb I.

Mag-Bull. 10, 136-147, 1988

pdf.png Methodological aspects of research on the therapeutic effects of magnesium. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Nowitzki S., Schimatschek H. F.

Mag-Bull. 13, 39-45, 1991

pdf.png Prenecrotic electrolyte alterations of the adrenergic cardiopathy: potentation by magensium levels and verapamil. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Fischer G., Jacob R., Marx J., Schimatschek H., Stein C.

Mag Bull. 8, 82-92, 1986d

pdf.png Clinically relevant interactions between hormones and magnesium metabolites- a review. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Baier S., Schimatschek H. F., Classen C.-U.

Mag-Bull. 17, 96-103, 1995a

pdf.png Magnesium: Indikationen zur Diagnostik und Therapie in der Humanmedizin. Beliebt


Classen H. G., Achilles W., Bachem A., Conradt R., Fehlinger R., Goßmann H. H., Günther T., Münzenberg K. J., Paschen K., Schreiber G., Schroll A., Spätling L., Wischnik A., Zumkley H.

Mag-Bull. 127-135, 1986a